\ Mangiarotti Collection \ Clizia

A chair designed with a cantilever seat supported by a central stand, a sculpture for sitting on with obvious sculptural, sinuous and flowing lines, seemingly in contrast with the hardness and staticness of the stone it is made of. A carefully gauged construction, whose complexity evokes certain studies by Escher. The upper edge of the seat coincides with the lower edge so that the monolithic sections of “Clizia” chairs are made out of the same block of marble in one single cut performed by numerically controlled machines, simultaneously creating two chairs, optimising the material by reducing waste to a minimum. Clizia is now available in concrete, in addition to the original, marble version.


\ Technical data and variants

Marble seat suitable for indoor or outdoor use, made from white Carrara, or black Marquina marble, with oxidized steel support.

All Agapecasa products are designed and manufactured for internal use. They cannot be placed outside unless otherwise indicated.