\ Mangiarotti Collection \ Compensato

Tables made out of thin layers of plywood, whose curving forms make them more rigid, giving strength and stability to a very simple structure, which is made lighter and more streamlined by the tapering leg design. A construction system initially planned to be dismantled, so as to also create stools, benches and bed-settees, a striking project which won praise from the great Alvar Aalto in the mid-1950s, a design which still looks brilliant in its quest for an unobvious kind of simplicity, due to the quality of its simultaneously simple and elegant features and for its compositional precision, structural clarity and the clever balance of its defining proportions.


\ Technical data and variants

Birch plywood tables available in natural, brown or dark oak finish and in various shapes and heights. Tables with special sizes are also available.

All Agapecasa products are designed and manufactured for internal use. They cannot be placed outside unless otherwise indicated.