\ Mangiarotti Collection \ Quattrotto

As simple as it is brilliant and as startling as it is carefully gauged, the compositional and functional justifications for the “Quattrotto” table lie in the beauty and magic of geometry. A square-shaped table ideal for seating four transforms and extends to actually accommodate eight people. Mathematical thinking which by constructing triangles (as extensions)along the sides of the square-shaped top actually doubles the number of people who can sit around it simply by increasing the size of the table by a third. The legs, which in the closed version are placed at the ends of the table top, are actually placed in the middle sections in the open design, thereby providing room for eight at the table. This elegant construction feature locking together the different tops, visible along the edge in the closed design, provides a clue to how this silent marvel works.


\ Technical data and variants

Square table made from plywood available in natural, brown or dark oak finish, with solid oak legs. The open table increases the side length by a third, doubling the seating capacity from 4 to 8 places.

All Agapecasa products are designed and manufactured for internal use. They cannot be placed outside unless otherwise indicated.