More is the final, conceptually and structurally more evolved episode in the story of the “modern” table, re-written by master designer Angelo Mangiarotti with his “Eros”, “Incas”, “Asolo “ and, now, “More” tables throughout twenty years of experimentation. More is therefore the most “extreme iteration” of Mangiarotti’s research on joints.

Materials change again. While the top still makes use of stone, the legs in this case are designed to be manufactured in steel to allow the deletion of every structurally unnecessary part of Asolo’s trapezoid legs. At the upper end, at the point of contact with the top, the section of the leg becomes a truncated cone which fits into the top, essentially repeating the idea of the “gravity joint” tried out with the Eros table. The inclination of the leg, however, which increases the stability of the table, determines a hole whose upper surface becomes an elliptical shape that helps to further lock the leg in that point, stopping it from rotating as the peculiar conformation of the eyelet and the leg’s final part only allows one possible position for the leg itself.

The original solution involved the use of marble tops only. In the latest version of the project, to ensure stability and to allow the use of tops in wood, the joint itself had been modified in accordance with Studio Mangiarotti and a mechanical fastening steel solution was adopted that suits both materials.